Sombrio Beach

 Sombrio River Suspension Bridge

Sombrio Beach is a large cobble beach and an easy 10 minute (one way) walk along the trail from the parking lot. Explore the beach, camp, surf or hike eastward along the beach (30 minutes one way). Parkinson Creek is a 9 km hike from Sombrio Beach.

There are two designated  camping areas at Sombrio Beach;  one at east of the beach and one at west end. Visitors can explore or hike east or west along the beach, enjoy a
picnic or try their hand at surfing in this world-class surfing area. If you are going to surf please be advised Parks Canada warns that full wet suits and booties should be worn all year long as most of the rescues they perform are for those that are ill suited for conditions.


All information courtesy of BC Parks, for further information please contact:

In Victoria call: 387-6121
In Vancouver call: 604 660-2421
Elsewhere in B.C. call: 1 800 663-7867
Outside B.C. call: 604 660-2421
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