China Beach

China Beach mist rising
Although not a camping area, it is a spectacular spot for family outings and day trips. A wide, gravel trail can be somewhat strenuous with some steep sections, however, it is suitable for most young children and the elderly. The 15-20 minute hike (each way) through the first-growth forest of Sitka spruce, Douglas fir and western red cedar leads visitors to the great rolling breakers of a tumultuous sea.The fine sand beach is ideal for picnicking, sand building, wading and relaxing – and it is a beach that is exceptional to comb after tides recede. Pack a lunch and your drinking water and please remember that fires are not permitted on the beach.Take a short walk to the western end of the beach to the waterfall or wander at length the east.

In the spring and fall, look for the magnificent grey whale as it travels along its migratory route. Some 17,000 of the mammoth creatures travel down the coast throughout the migration; some, in fact, spend the summer off the shore of Vancouver Island.

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